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The Competitive Alternative to Using Banks.

Crowdlending, social lending or peer-to-peer lending is a competitive alternative to using banks. Social borrowers and peer-to-peer investors are typically individuals just like you...

The method works by providing a platform from which individuals can either invest, as a lender and loan money to other individuals, or simply as an individual requiring a loan.

Peer-to-Peer Lending isn’t any less secure than the banks, and undergo the same or similar security procudures. Individuals can start investing with as little as * £500. Lenders can safely loan their money to other members with minimised exposure to risk of any loss.

The UK was the first country in the world to introduce peer-to-peer lending in 2005 and has since steadily grown into becoming more than a viable alternative to the banks, for individuals seeking competitive loan rates.

Lenders are able to select what interest rates they wish to charge within a measured range most likely to be attractive to borrowers.

How to Monetise

Both individuals borrowing and those lending may benefit from peer-to-peer lending as the rates are very competitive. Allowing lenders (investors) to make a tidy return on their investment, whilst borrowers can be sure they are getting a good deal.

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