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How to Monetise

How to Monetise Your Online Activities - Even If You Do Not Manage A Hosted Website of Your Own.

Start the new YOU, whilst shaving costs and time.

Things to Know Before you Start 

So you’ve heard that there are ways of generating extra income through various online and social media activities, but you’re not quite sure just how this all works. You understand perfectly well how a purchase from Amazon equals a sale to the merchant whose product was purchased - but things get a little grey where it comes to answering the question;

How do YOU as an individual earn a share of such a sale without disturbing the customers experience in any way?

And most of all, how can you do this without managing the hosting of your very own website?

For most of the following examples you will first need to join an affiliate program or network with merchants that supply the type of products and services you wish to promote to your specific audience. You may of course sign up to more than one affiliate program or network at a time. Here is a list of a few popular ones:

1. JVZoo

2. Share-a-Sale

3. Zaxaa

4. Clickbank 

5. Affiliate Window

6. Amazon Associates

Between the six affiliate examples listed above you have options that cover both digital and physical products. If you have your very own product to sell, but not interested in managing your own website, some of these affiliate platforms will allow you to create sales pages that integrate with your Paypal account or other means for receiving online payments.


Some URL shorteners provide excellent means of not just simply making long URLs shorter, but also for measuring your performance.

There are two recommended services mentioned in the report available from this site. You can download the document here to find out which ones they are.



You will need a social media account with at least one of the popular platforms, including;






TWINE (an interesting social media tool)

Now whilst the idea is that you will not need a website of your own, that doesn't stop you from creating a free Facebook page or group. You can use this to help engage with the connections you make as you progress. In fact, it may even be prudent to first build a Facebook following before promoting any products or services. For example, you may grow a group or following that are interested in motorcycles. And through discussions and other engagement you discover specific needs of your audience.

Build an eMailing List

To get straight to the point there are a number of ways you can start building an emailing list without a website of your own. However the easiest and most complete automated means of doing this is through using an email marketing service such as the one we recommend in the report

As with most of the examples you will find mentioned within this document, these will allow you to generate pages directly within the online software. This means you will be able to direct your audience to your own personalised opt-in (squeeze), and other pages. All without owning your own website...

If however you are looking for something less involved - find out what we recommend by downloading your free report below - No sign up is necessary.

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